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The Billy D Light Trio

The Billy D Light Trio is The Last Rock and Roll Band.  I Have a really great band.  I'm not just saying that because it's my band.   I built this band from the ground up, I made the kind of band I always wanted to see.  Straight Rock N Roll.  We play the best music from a small window in time.   1955-1985.  There are a few exceptions, maybe an Elvis Costello number or the Fabulous Thunderbirds, but for the most part we do Rockabilly, Surf, Early Beatles Stones and Blues, sometimes we even get a little funky.   No new crap.  No Rap.  No detuned subsonic death Metal.  No music that I don't like.   (and there's a lot I don't like, but that is a whole website unto itself)

This may sound uncompromising, or somewhat limited to you, but the fact is, no matter where we go we kick it out so hard, and have so much conviction, that people are just turned on.

Rock N Roll is a lost art.  I don't mean Rock Music, or Rock, or funk Rock, or Jazz Rock, etc.  

I mean Rock N Roll.....      If you know what I mean.

 Billy D. Light

If great music and Bands is your thing, then come do your thing with us!!

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The Trio at The Boiler Room

This is a great party room, The Boiler Room, Congress Hall, Cape May NJ

The Trio at Parx Casino

A nice montage of some fun stuff